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Financial literacy bootcamps

A teenager’s attitude to money, risk and his or her financial intelligence determine their further personal and professional development. Unfortunately, today’s school does not answer such acute questions as ‘What is a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ debt?’, ‘Where should I invest money not to lose it?’ and ‘What does financial freedom mean?’. However, a young person will soon have to make his or her own financial decision – and the earlier he or she learns about possible pitfalls, the easier his or her life path will be.

Bootcamp content

In a financial literacy bootcamp young ladies and gentlemen learn the basics of economic and financial concepts n a highly accessible and lively manner. They are taught:

– Fundamental notions of price, money, inflation, tax, income and expenditure;

– Principles of responsible attitude to money;

– Pros and cons of various investment vehicles;

– Ways to protect oneself from financial swindling;

– And much more…

The bootcamp is distinguished for its vivid and demonstrative format. Teenagers learn a new and fascinating topic taking part in business games and being enthusiastic discoverers.

Evgeny Zubrilin

Founder of the academy

Evgeny graduated with distinction from Moscow State University with public administration being his major. He had internships in the USA (State University of New York), Germany and the Netherlands.

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  • The bootcamp runs for the whole day on Saturday or Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Financial literacy bootcamp is held in groups of up to 15 people for two cohorts: 16-17 y. o. and 18-20 y. o. teenagers.

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The main outcome of bootcamp is a special type of thinking – an outlook of a rich person. That implies recognizing the value of money, emphasizing importance of good personal finance management and firm confidence in a teenager’s own success.

egistration fee is

7 000 RUB

The nearest bootcamp will run on

4 June 2017